Hòrisma is a series of academic papers issued by the publishing house Ledizioni which aims at publishing and divulging multidisciplinary theoretical and empirical analysis of young scholars. The next volume will be devoted to the political violence. Some social scientists see political violence as part of contentious politics that includes different forms of struggles such as revolutions, civil wars, riots and strikes, but also peaceful protest movements. The concept of political violence has been historically the subject of a fervent scientific debate that faces multiple disciplines, e.g. philosophy, history, anthropology, sociology, law, political science, social geography. Still it suffers from a tendency: the depoliticization of its content.

Therefore, the purpose of this call is to take into consideration the complex polyhedricity of a concept that unjustly is interpreted merely as a delinquent act. The aim therefore is to analyze this concept from a historical, sociological and generally critical point of view and to add empirical findings to the theoretical interpretation. In fact, to redefine it we seek papers that, on the one hand, offer theoretical frameworks and, on the other hand, provide an interpretation of recent phenomena of social conflict and resistance that can criticize the interpretative framework usually identified.

Papers will be accepted in Italian and English.

The members of the Advisory Board are pleased to invite young researchers (PhD students, Postdoctorate researchers, Fellowship researchers, early career researchers) to participate in a theoretical and empirical project which has a multidisciplinary character.

Anyone interested in submitting an unpublished paper in these themes is invited to send an abstract of maximum 500 words and a paper of maximum 35000 characters (including notes, spaces and bibliographies) along with a curriculum vitae et studiorum.

Abstract: by June 15, 2017;

Selection: by 15 July 2017;

Delivery of the paper: by October 15, 2017.